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Transnational Project Meetings

Communication is the Key

There are 4 meetings planned during 2 years, one every 6-7 months and will involve, according to the implementation phases, the project managers from the partner institutions, the financial managers or the product manager. These meetings will be held in Iasi, RO – the kick off meeting, in Santarem, PT- 2nd project meeting, in Zwolle, NL- 3rd project meeting, in Aarhus, DK- the final and the 4th project meeting.

Short Term Joint Staff Training

We turn vision into creative results

There are 4 STJSTEs foreseen for the implementation of the project, essential activities that would eventually lead to the development of the Intellectual Outputs. The short term joint staff training events aim at improving the pedagogical and personal competences of a number of 16 teachers/trainers from the partner schools, during 4 training periods, at the project milestones, in close connection with the development of EduApp and the video courses, tutorials and the other educational resources to be drafted during the project lifetime, materials to be uploaded on the Eduplatform.